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Habakkuk 2: 2-3 (Old Testament)

Goal setting is not an event but a process. A process that will help you direct your dreams and future aspirations into action. Most have dreams and wishes, but few are doing anything about realizing them. Let’s not look back at our life disappointed that we did not accomplish more. God's Holy Word teaches us how to set goals and accomplish more.

This guideline for "successful" goal setting has been designed by God with checkpoints to help us successfully accomplish our long and short range goals. Many have given up, feeling it can't be done. They are correct because they believe they can't. But by having some smaller daily successes starts building a precedent, a habit, because small successes do lead to larger successes, then you begin to believe, building your faith.


We cannot do this for you. You must initiate this process for yourself. Remember "Small Successes Lead to Big Ones."

Your home was built a brick or a board at a time. Every large accomplishment first started as an idea! A blueprint was developed, and then each day the small successes led to the accomplishment of the Master Plan hence your home. YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU DILIGENTLY WORK AT IT.

You cannot have a successful year without successful DAYS,

You cannot even have a successful month. A. J. Krause

This document is a blueprint template; you must fill in the details and then start hammering boards and mortaring the bricks to your future.

The Bible does not teach that "God has a special plan for your life" ... But Proverbs 16:9 proclaims: A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Let's you and I, out of our heart, (the thinking mind), devise a plan for our own life. Then God promises to direct our steps, our plans and the direction we choose. Let's do our part and devise our way and trust God to do his part. Have faith in this promise from God. He is your savior and your business partner.

Why Are Goals Important?

Because without them you are never sure what to do! Goals can guide us to an abundant life?

Whenever you see anything worthwhile being accomplished, it is because someone is behind it with a passion, a belief and a goal!

When it comes to your personal life, goal setting makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence, between just surviving and exceeding abundantly. Unless you have definite, precise, clearly set goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you. God Almighty has giving you more. What about your goals? Are they clearly in focus, or still pretty fuzzy?

Outline of Habakkuk 2: 2-3

Habakkuk was living in an evil time. His country had turned from God and the economy was in shambles. Chapter 2: 1 Habakkuk was taking inventory of his country and prayed unto the Lord and this was God’s response:

2:2 Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Write goals must be written

the vision goals must be clear and exciting

and make it plain goals must be specific

upon tables goals must be organized, yearly, monthly, and daily

that he may run goals must “move you” beyond your obstacles

that readeth it goals must be read and modified regularly

For the vision visualize yourself as already reaching your goal

is yet for an appointed time goals must have intermittent target dates

but at the end goals must have a definite ending

it shall speak goals shall move you and will speak of success

and not lie your faith in the truth of this process will prevail

though it tarry a list of obstacles with a prepared plan to overcome

wait for it your effort at the beginning will set the pace

because it will surely come keep focusing on the end results

it will not tarry have faith in your business partner, the Lord Jesus Christ


In order for goals to be effective they need to be arousing, because it takes a big goal to create the excitement necessary for accomplishment. There is little excitement in mediocrity or in just keeping up with everybody else. There is little excitement in making a house payment, a car payment or just getting along. The excitement comes when you do your best, which you can with proper goals.

GOALS MUST BE WRITTEN Writing describes the act of inscribing on a surface words that convey thoughts and ideas. This mechanical act is so important in the goal achievement process. Words are an integral part of the thinking process. Words convey images, pictures, feelings, and emotions to the mind. Thoughts are intangible until they are written, only then they become tangible. We can now physically look at it, a standard. Even the act of using the eye in coordination with the hand holding the pen makes a much firmer impression on our mind as we write out the phrase or expression. Now when we read and re-read that phrase or sentence, the impression on the mind becomes deeper and more believable.

GOALS MUST BE LONG‑RANGE Without long-range goals you are likely to be overcome by short-range frustrations. If you don't have long­ range goals, then temporary obstacles can be needlessly overwhelming. Examples, no people show for a meeting, a dealer quits, family problems, sickness, an automobile accident, or circumstances over which you have no control can be big obstacles, But they need not be in the long term.

GOALS MUST BE DAILY If you don't have daily objectives, your future is still a wish. The difference between the great and the near great is the realization that if you expect to make it big, you must work toward your objectives every day.

The daily objectives are the best indicators, the best builders, of character. This is where dedication, discipline, and determination enter the picture and good habits are formed. We take the glamour of the big, long-range goal or dream and get right down to the nitty-gritty foundation building that will help make certain that your dream becomes your destiny.

This is where you make your phone calls, set appointments, have personal sales, practice your presentation and do all the necessary things that will be productive in building your business.

GOALS MUST BE SPECIFIC The art of goal setting is to focus in on detailed objectives. A "lot of money," a "nice or big" house, “selling more or sponsoring more dealers, "I want to be a Platinum soon”…all of these goals are very worthy but are much too broad and vague.

Proper goals should be … instead of a "lot" of money, your goal should be spelled out in exact detail …. We will be making $6000.00 a month by becoming a Level 7 Platinum by July 2011 … We will sponsor 1 new dealer a week for 4 months …Our personal PV will be over 300 every week.


By now your question should be, "How do I set goals?" Actually as you will discover, it maybe easier to reach goals than it is to set them. A goal properly set is partially reached because it is a strong statement of your belief that you can and will reach it. 97% of the world never set goals. Those who set written goals are already in the top 3%.


1. Commit to paper the goals you want to achieve on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis.

2. Be very specific.

3. Set big ‑‑ but reachable ‑‑ goals to create excitement and challenge. Don't be afraid to stretch yourself.

4. Make long-range goals (one year to five years), so you won't be overcome by daily frustrations.

5 List the obstacles between you and your goal and formulate a plan to overcome these obstacles.

6. Break your goal into daily increments.

7. Be prepared to modify your goals as you are setting pace, especially in the early stages.

8. Be absolutely convinced you can reach your goal.

9. Visualize yourself as already reaching your goal.

10. DO IT NOW ‑‑ with a Plan of Action.

Find out how many prospects you must approach to secure an appointment. How many appointments you must make in order to expose the EcoQuest story. How many presentations you must make in order to sponsor a dealer or sell a unit.

You should commit to paper the things you hunger for. Write them down and list them in the order of their importance, then list the obstacles that stand between you and your objectives or goals. If there wasn't something between you and your goals, obstacles, you would already have everything you want.


Let me say it again!


You'll be amazed how much faster you overcome the obstacles once you identify them. As you overcome the obstacles on your way to one goal the obstacles on the way to other goal will fall more easily. Confidence is the handmaiden of success. Once success to any degree is yours, it becomes easier to achieve greater success. Anything that can be done once can be done twice; anything done twice can become habit.

Now we're talking!

We form our habits and our habits form us!

Goal setting should form a habit becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. You gather help from successful friends and consume books on this subject. Share your goals with others… that further commits you. Your integrity will compel you to live up to your written word.

Focus on Success but put more effort on preparing to succeed… A. J. Krause

SET YOUR DAILY GOALS as affirmations

* I watched little TV today (whatever you do in your spare time)

* I ate great (if I ate every day like today … success)

* I exercise (if I exercise every day like today … success)

* I acknowledge my spouse (family or close friend)

* I improved my debt/savings (lower my debt and upped my savings)

* I meditated today (studied and pray)

* I expose someone to a new aspect of my business (product or business)

* Today I moved one step closer to my goals (I need 5 success days a week)

For every small discipline there are multiple rewards ... Let’s change our routine! At the end of the day if I answer positively to these affirmations, I had a successful day ... 5 out of 7 days, I had a successful week ... three successful weeks I had a good month. We form our habits then our habits form us!

Place your goals in a conspicuous place. In the morning and at bed time read them aloud, your daily checklist. This one activity changed my life and gave me focus.


Goal setting and building a successful business might be overwhelming for an individual who has never before set even one goal for achieving anything significant. To make certain you won't be overwhelmed, please take this advice: If you have never before set a goal, start with one goal of a short-range nature …this is a process.

Realistically, most road blocks are in your mind. Keep your heart open. If you really want to reach your goal, you must clearly focus your vision as you believe.

GOALS MUST CAUSE CHANGE – Do you want a better year than last year?

A closing word of advice: don't be content with a first draft. Write down your goal yes. Then rephrase it, compact it, add motivating adjectives. A week later you may want to adjust it again and again. Keep on fine-tuning. Goal setting should evolve and take on a life force of its own. Remember this is a process not an event.

These guidelines for goal setting were taken by A. J. Krause from many books like the King James Bible and "See You at the Top", by Zig Ziglar.

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the LORD, and not unto men … COL. 3:23