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One great day!  Two great events!  

The 6th Annual Career Opportunity Fair and Empowerment Speakers Series with partners Operation OpenUP Community Outreach Services, Inc., Diversity Focus Today. Inc.,  and special guests The Vision Center, Flanner House and The Grindery brings to you



2013 Update

Cissi Sherlock Interview Riverside Reunion 2013

2012 Update

2011 Update

Congratulation Cissi Sherlock! Recipient of a Special Resolution from the City-County Council and Mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana, Greg Ballard sponsored by Councilors Paul Bateman and Marilyn Pfisterer in recognition of her services to the community

 Prop. 220, 2011, Special Resolution for Cissi Sherlock

The Video!  Click Prop. 220, 2011 to go directly to presentation

 Cissi Sherlock and Special Proclamation supporter and sponsor, Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer on Monday, August 15th, 2011, celebrating in picture immediately following proclamation presentations at the City-County Building in downtown Indianapolis.

Operation OpenUP provides free recycled cell phones and prepaid cellular service, activations and AT&T compatible SIM cards to client referrals most in need of an open line of communication. A small service fee is required to aid in supporting our ministry and outreach services

Operation OpenUP provide this service for the following reasons: re-entry/ex-offenders, job searches, housing searches, emergency and non-emergency medical situations (as recognized by a case manager or outreach intake representative), veterans, domestic abuse victims, senior citizens, handicapped, transitional living residents and other special circumstances recognized by our Community Resource Partners and  Service Providers.

We work with businesses, churches, organizations and citizens in our community to sponsor cell phone collection and recycling drives and in developing  donation sites.

Collections and recycling aid in supporting the mission of Operation OpenUP For more information on becoming a Community Resource Partner or on how to refer clients to Operation OpenUP, call 317-376-8654 or send email to operationopenup@gmail.com

New cell phone donation sites to be introduced soon.  KEEP YOUR EYES ON THIS SITE!

Additionally, we provide outreach resource and empowerment services such The Career Opportunity Fair, an Income Resource and Product Expo featuring additional ways to generate income in this stressful economy.  This event is held twice a year in the city of Indianapolis.  For more information on how you can participate, go to the event website at www.careeropportunityfair.webs.com

We host and partner with many events in our city to aid in the mission and growth of our ministry.  Contact us today on how we can work together, opening minds, opening hearts and building relationships.

  • It's a new time and season! Support the mission of Operation OpenUP with your contributions. Bring your cell phones to the Riverside Reunion and support Operation OpenUP TODAY!

PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE OUR MISSION OF EMPOWERMENT IN OUR COMMUNITY ~ Donations help this ministry to survive, thrive, and stay ALIVE!  We are 7 years long and 7 years strong.  We want to continue service in our community. 

Your donations are welcome!  Please help up to continue our mission of empowerment in our community.

Thank you!

Opening Minds!  Opening Hearts!  Building Relationships!


 We are a Non-Profit Domestic Corporation and Charitable Organization.


Colossians 3:23
23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,




 More About Operation OpenUP:

Collections also assist in helping to recycle unused cell phones in our community, especially when the businesses and general populations upgrades from their old phones.  The help of the community enables us to keep the lines of communications open for less fortunate members of our community.

Remember, at Operation OpenUP we collect ALL brands of cellphone handsets, chargers and batteries.

We cannot help members of our community if we don not receive complete units with batteries and chargers intact.

We do pay particular attention to Verizon-based cell phones, Page Plus Cellular and AT&T or Cingular handsets.

To effectively serve our community, we need your help

We need your old cell phones!  You can donate new ones, too!  we also provide a service allowing our clients to upgrade as their life's situations improve.

To prevent abuse of this program and in an effort to concentrate on helping those most in need of our service, clients to OP
must be referred by a service provider or representative of an outreach organization , social service agencies or churches organizations commonly referred to as a Community Resource Partner that recognizes their clients need for an open line of communication to rebuild their lives.

Our service is currently limited to Indianapolis and immediate surrounding areas.

Our donation sites owners aware also referred to as Community Resource Partners.

To become a Community Resource Partner, contact Cissi Sherlock at 317-376-8654 or send an email operationopenup@gmail.com.


An administrative service fee of $15.00 is charged each time services are rendered for each referral receiving our services.  OPCOS is not responsible for paying this fee and does not pay this fee for recipients. In many cases, the referring Community Resource Partner helps the recipient cover the fee. There are also church, organizations, family and friends that can help the recipient meet this requirement.  

Many of our phones are activated on the Page Plus prepaid cellular network.  Currently Page Plus only activates with only $2.00 courtesy time granted to each unit.  Therefore a recipient has to be prepared to pay an additional $10.00 to IMMEDIATELY add minutes to the phone. 

Operation OpenUP does not pay any fees for a recipient to keep their phones on. The phone will belong to the recipient once activated and papers signed.  Therefore the recipient becomes responsible for maintaining their own services and minutes for their phone with the designated carrier.

The recipient will find out who the prepaid carrier is at the time the phone is received.


And So ~ We have shared our mission and purpose set forth by:
Cissi Sherlock, Founder and Director of Operation OpenUP Community Outreach Services, Inc. and Cell Phone RECycling Program and Outreach Ministry established 7 years ago and still going strong!

Have your debit or credit card ready!  Click here to go directly to PayPal to make your payments.

Your donations are welcome!  Please help up to continue our mission of empowerment.

Thank you and God Bless!